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How it all began.......


Dedicated to:

Walter J. Downey
March 31, 1924 - February 7, 1998
My father was a Music Educator / Band Director in New York State.
Through his 35 years as a music teacher, band director, adjudicator and conductor for various All-State and All-County bands, he became very well known, and highly respected, by the "Music Industry".
He was a member of the :
  • New York State School Music Association,
  • New York State Band Directors Association,
  • Music Educators' National Conference,
  • Erie County Music Educators' Association,
  • New York State Teachers' Association,
  • Erie County Teachers' Association,
  • Eden Central School Teachers' Association. 

    He also served in the United States Army Air Force from
    1943-1946 as bombardier on B-24s and B-17s.
    He flew 18 combat missions over Germany,
    was shot down, captured and served 18 months
    as a prisoner of war in Germany.


    Though I started out as Music Major too many years ago to mention, I began a career in the field of Tribology instead. Tribology is the study of "Fluid Lubrication" and the effects on metals. The company Power Up of Western New York was formed in 1991. Wanting to come "full circle" with my upbringing in a musical family, I set out to combine my knowledge of Tribology with my love for the music industry. I decided to combine the two fields and try to invent a better musical instrument oil. One that was not only performed better in lubrication capabilities, but also, one that was safe to the lung tissues and didn't contain all the harmful chemicals that music oils usually consist of. Not an easy task, but a challenge worth striving for. After much research and development, field testing and formula changes, BiNaK 495 was created.

    BiNaK 495 has proven itself in all areas of musical instrument lubrication. It works under extreme cold temperatures due to a pour point depressant, does not contain silicones that become gummy in hot temperatures, contains no carcinogens or mutagens to harm sensitive lung tissues, is not based on alcohol so it won't evaporate at a rapid rate, has metal protectors that prevent brass and silver interiors from degrading, and can be used on all instruments, such as trumpet valves, trombone slides, rotor valves and key applications. BiNaK 495 out performs other music oils in every area tested!


    As an additional tribute to my father,The "Walter J. Downey Music Scholarship Award" 
    was established in June of 1996.This scholarship is given to an outstanding Eden High School Senior 
    who is pursuing a Musical Education , Performance or related field at college.
    It is wonderful to see the legacy of talented musicians continue, for you see...

    "The Beauty He Brought Into Everyone's Life, Was Called Music"



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