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Same excellent lubrication capabilities as BiNaK 495, with a slightly lighter viscosity.

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  1. Binak solves my problems

    Posted by Tom on Aug 27th 2015

    For a number of years I have struggled with my valves sticking in warm environments (playing outside in warm weather or on a hot stage). Frequent cleaning and oiling have never completely solved the problem. Having the valves lapped did not remediate the problem. I used Binak Pro as directed by the enclosed instruction sheet and haven't had any recurrences. Wish I knew about Binak years ago. Great product.

  2. The best trumpet valve oil there is.

    Posted by Stephen Misson on Aug 25th 2015

    I have been using Binak 365 for years; I won it in a competition! That small bottle is now nearing the end so I needed another and decided to try the pro instead. It only arrived in the UK today so I have not had the chance to try it but I am convinced it will be as good f not better than the 365. It is extremely economical needing only two or three drops per valve, that's why the last bottle has kept me going for at least ten years. The new bottle seems to be twice the size so I expect I will have passed away before I see the bottom of the bottle.
    My only gripe is that I was charged more than twice the actual cost of the postage to the UK - but considering it will last many many years that doesn't really matter.

  3. Ideal for revitalising older instruments

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 27th 2015

    For various reasons I've been "revitalising" some older horns that were not used for a number of years. The biggest challenge almost always is to get the valves into good shape. As Binak was advertised to "work to the bare metal" I decided to give it a try and it worked: using Binak and simply starting to play the horns worked miracles: the brownish oxidation came slowly of and after some time the valves worked like a charm again. Of course in the beginning re-applying at a regular basis was required but after some time this normalised.
    To summarise: Great stuff!

  4. Looking forward to Binak Pro!

    Posted by Alex on May 21st 2015

    I have a bottle of Binak that I ordered in the 90's--it's still less than an 1/8th of the way down. This stuff lasts forever!! I haven't used it all that much because even though it lasts, it doesn't seem quite as fast as other valve oils I used. Anyways, just ordered a bottle of Binak Pro, which is supposed to be faster than the regular Binak. I'm looking forward to trying this out and using it more regularly on my Schilke trumpet. Thanks very much!

  5. Excellent

    Posted by David on Apr 10th 2015

    Top shelf product, timely service.

  6. it works for me

    Posted by thomas mueller on Feb 21st 2015

    it's a great lubricant; been using it for years now.
    Thanks Nanette

  7. The valve oil that lasts thru a 3 hour gig.

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 21st 2015

    I was using a thinner oil and found I would have to re-oil once or twice during a gig. Now with Binak product I can go the whole gig.

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